Young Soldiers in the Civil War

After learning more about the Civil War and getting an inside to the stories of the past, It made me think about the predicament of the soldiers that were fighting. By this time, the US is still starting out as a country so I doubt that they’ve thought much about things like war since they’re trying to grow as a nation. A majority of the soldiers that were pulled into the war were still young during this time and probably haven’t had much experience with war. It really makes you think about how scared the soldiers must have been during the battles because they never thought they would have to go through such an experience at a young age. It also raises thoughts about the families of these young boys. Since there wasn’t real advanced technology in those times, families weren’t able to get constant updates on their loved ones, which must have been very difficult. Many families might of had to wait for months on end about whether their brother or son was dead or still alive. It makes me think of how families would deal with these kind of situations knowing that their loved ones were out on some battlefield fighting a war against men in their own country. Also, I can only imagine what grief these young men endured while waiting in trenches during battle and having to kill other men when they have barely begun to live. How would these situations these men went through affect the rest of their lives?


One response to “Young Soldiers in the Civil War”

  1. mikeyc2013 says :

    I really value your blog post. It shows that you are thinking outside what may be your current experience with war or battle and shows some empathy for the soldiers in the Civil War. It made me think about my own experiences with war and how easy a lot of the current war veterans have it compared to those in the Civil War. As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan I have a very limited experience of war. I have no idea how it would have been to be a soldier in the civil war, or a parent or loved one of one of the men fighting. I have a lot of respect for these guys because they had to hold a lot of the emotional scarring done by war inside them for their whole lives. In this current generation there is a lot of help available to those that need it. Communication is also easier. You may have to wait a couple weeks to make a phone call at most, which is nothing compared to a family waiting months for word from one of their family members. It is hard for us to imagine this living in the current age of advanced technology. Overall I think your post did a good job to examine the civil war from a viewpoint that a lot of students do not choose to take.

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