In Response to jackandreww 9/23

This is a very valid point that you make and it is true what you say about how America holds on to the Civil War very closely more than other wars. To me, it seems that the U.S. pays more attention to the Civil War because its the only civil war this country has ever had and it made (and still continues making) a huge impact on our country. This war is one of the biggest events that has shaped our country and made it as it is today. In my opinion, I believe that Southerners today are still very passionate about it because the Confederacy was full of passionate people who weren’t ready to surrender to the government and wanted to fight for what they believed, even if it was morally incorrect.
Everyone at some point in their life always has a moment where they wish they didn’t remember and that they could erase from their mind. However, most people might look back on a mistake and see it in a positive way. That’s how it seems to be with daughters and sons of Civil War veterans. Although the motive for the south was wrong, descendants of veterans seem to look back on it in a positive way so they can be proud of their ancestors and to hold on to the ideas of them to remember them by.


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