In Response to The Statue of Arthur Ashe by rckc68

Your view on the controversy over the Arthur Ashe statue is very true and I agree 100%. Arthur Ashe was definitely an important figure in history because of what he achieved but he wasn’t directly involved with the Civil War. The statues that are there now seem to be more important to the people of the south than it does for the whole country. When we talked about Arthur Ashe and read about his story in Confederates in the Attic, it said that he fled Richmond during the Civil War because of the discrimination going on and he didn’t feel comfortable there. I understand that he should be recognized but I don’t think it should be in a place where he didn’t truly feel accepted or where Confederate leaders seem to be worshiped. If Arthur Ashe should have a monument, it should be somewhere where he can be recognized without being belittled by the Confederate monuments around him.


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