Ghosts of Gettysburg (in reply to rckc68)

Although I’m not a huge skeptic, I do have my doubts every now and then. I enjoy watching ghost hunting shows and do believe in spirits but when watching Ghosts of Gettysburg, I highly doubt that the stories the witnesses were telling were true and I felt they exaggerated most of those stories quite a bit. However, I do agree with what you said about the interesting stories they told about the soldiers at Gettysburg and the story the woman who was killed in the house near Gettysburg. The EVP’s are the things that stand out most to me when watching shows like this, although they can easily be debunked because everyone is always really quiet when recording them and any noise could be thought of as a ghost. There were some times when I was watching a show and an EVP sounded too real to debunk, but you never know. Even though this show on Gettysburg didn’t seem that believable as far as spirits, it was interesting none the less on the unknown stories that come from there.


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