Possible Future Civil Wars

In class the other day we talked about whether or not there could be another civil war in the U.S. someday. I believe that it’s possible the U.S. could have another civil war but I’m doubtful that it would happen in our lifetime. It’s also difficult to say what it could be over. Today, the United States is such a large and significant country that if it were to have another civil war it would have to be over a very serious issue. Even then it would be a long-shot because the U.S. is so populated and is a wealthy country so it would be confusing as to where the battles would take place because during the Civil War, the U.S. was still starting out as a country and it wasn’t as populated or technologically advanced. Now a days, civil wars that occur in other countries usually have to deal with the government vs. the people, but since the U.S. is a democracy where it is all about liberalism and free speech (to an extent), I think it would be difficult to have a civil war break out. Civil wars always have large death tolls, so if a civil war were to occur in the future, it would have to be over a very serious matter such as issues over race or government because the U.S. isn’t going to have a civil war occur if it’s over an issue that can be solved peacefully. The Civil War occurred because of 2 sides opposing in a serious issue over a group of people. America is so complex today that there are so many different groups and subcultures that usually any issues that occur can be dealt with head on, or in some cases, involve some kind of protest or rally. So, I don’t believe that the U.S. will have any civil wars soon but it’s possible that one might occur a ways down the road.


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  1. cnsqn5 says :

    I agree with what you had to say about having another Civil War, and that it would be extremely detrimental to our country. To begin, I agree that it would have to be over something serious. I believe that it would have to be something that sparked inside of our government. I think that they regulate us so well and keep issues very under control that if war were to spark within our country that it would have to come directly from them. It would have to be a serious blow up within our system. I also think should this ever happen, it would take a huge toll on us internationally. I think that countries who are out to get us would take advantage of the fact that we were not one, and not together and come after us at a very vulnerable time. It would be very hard on our economy and out population, because war would cut down our army, and with all of our new technology, we could potentially really severely hurt our country. War is a very spendy thing and I also really think that we would put ourselves in a bad position economically because it is one thing to spend out money to go blow up someone else’s country, but we are making the mess on our own turf. That means we are paying for the party, and cleaning up the mess, and it would put us in a bad situation.

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